RFID plastic card at the service of your company From airplanes to your company? RFID technology is very common in businesses, which offers many advantages and practical uses for your company as well. Plastic cards have become intelligent in many ways and solutions, ranging from QR code application to chip solutions. Let's take a look at what RF... 2020. 01. 10.
Key card for business Key tags are small, practical, customizable, and attractive promotional tools that everyone will notice - anytime, anywhere. Labels serve as an effective marketing channel. 2019. 10. 31.
Why is a gift card a powerful marketing tool for business? There are many different ways to promote your business in our modern world. Among them, one of the most effective methods is to create a gift card program for your business. However, many merchants still ignore the value inherent in issuing this type of card. 2019. 07. 31.
Promote your business with a plastic card How many plastic cards do you already have in your wallet? Which one is your favorite? Surely there are some of them that you use every day, collect points on it, offer discounts, one of them was given to you as a gift by your family, because there was no way they could figure out what to buy you fo... 2019. 06. 16.
With a plastic card, you are always one step ahead of the co... We live in the age of immediate, instant moments, accordingly, one of the keys to the success of businesses is quick reaction, to always think one step ahead of the competition, forward-looking, bringing the future to the present. 2019. 06. 13.
Let's go beyond average with our plastic card! Deviate from the average! Stand out from the crowd! With the design and appearance of your plastic card, you can express the individuality and profile of your business in the simplest and most targeted way. 2019. 06. 13.
Take matters into your own hands! As a CEO, you want to control and see everything, but as your company grows, it's simply impossible. More and more orders, more and more subtasks 2019. 06. 13.
You are important, that's what makes us successful Have you ever felt that your order has been lost, and even though everyone says that "customer comes first", somehow you are always last? Well, we've done this before, and in fact, we believe that the biggest enemy of Hungarian SMEs is not bureaucracy, but their own laziness and attitude towards the... 2019. 06. 13.