The hidden potential of plastic cards
2023. 11. 03.
When it comes to the art of hosting, the hotel experience is paramount. Even the smallest detail can contribute to guests coming back willingly. Today there are options that immediately conquer the hearts of guests and strengthen the branding of the hotel. Learn about the hidden potential of plastic cards and how they can become a real tool to increase guest satisfaction and the success of your business.

The Enchantment of the First Impression

Upon arrival, guests notice every detail, and the first impression is of critical importance. The plastic card might be the first thing that guests hold in their hands. Custom plastic cards can not only contain the hotel's contact information and data but also make the check-in memorable with their stylish appearance. Guests can have an almost exclusive experience that instantly creates the hotel's ambiance.

Connection and Branding

Plastic cards serve not only to convey information but also create an opportunity for connection. Unique cards provide a chance to strengthen the hotel's identity and brand. The logo, colors, and design make the hotel easily recognizable, and guests can quickly identify it, linking their experience to the brand.

Loyalty Cards for Returning Guests

Plastic cards are tools that also assist in winning loyalty and returning guests. Unique design allows the cards to be stylish and exclusive, offering benefits that can guarantee guest satisfaction. Loyalty cards or returning guest cards help attract and retain guests, building long-term relationships.

A few more tips on how you, as a hotel or hospitality manager, can apply custom plastic cards:

Check-in and Check-out: Simplify and expedite guests' check-in and check-out processes with plastic cards.

Room Access: Use plastic cards for access to hotel rooms, ensuring security and convenience.

Dining and Beverages: Implement plastic cards for payments in the hotel's restaurants or bars.

Wellness Center and Pool: Provide access privileges to wellness centers, pools, and gyms with plastic cards.

Parking: Open parking gates and control parking with plastic cards.

Conference and Event Room Rental: Use plastic cards for renting conference and event rooms and granting access to events.

Plasztikgyár is a company that assists in the design and execution of special plastic cards. If you want to learn how plastic cards can become a reality in your hotel or need more information about design and execution, please feel free to contact us.