Plastic card production

Our aim is to provide such premium quality services that when our customers and partners think about plastic card production, they will instantly know whom to contact. If there is a company which pays close attention to customer needs, constantly monitors the quality of the goods it produces, provides warranty service and keeps all deadlines, it is sure ours. The Plastic Factory will not disappoint you!

Card production

We take on production of any kind of plastic cards in quantities of min. 50 pieces whatever thickness, shape or dimensions they may have. One or double-sided, colored Or direct press printing, with magnetic strip or RFID technology.

Graphic design

Our professional graphic designers can help you design the graphics of your cards if you ask us to. If you need assistance placing your logo professionally, We’ll gladly help you out with it but don’t forget you can ask for a full-range graphic design service.

Premium shipping and storage

The Plastic Factory usually guarantees to deliver your orders within a few working days and shipping is always FREE OF CHARGE. This speed requires us to provide professional service both in field of shipping and storage.

Relevant DM campaign

We prepare the named folded direct marketing letters needed for your cards along with the named envelopes and we even deliver them on demand. We are here to assist you in relation to producing any kind of printing goods.

Regular customer system

Cardcloud is a cloud-based on-line system with the help of which you can easily launch regular customer programs of loyalty discounts in your business. The system doesn’t require any investment or development as it can be accessed through a simple internet browser.

Online sample card creation

One of our most popular services is that free online sample card creation which includes our rendering a 3D graphics model of the master copy of your card, which we even email to you if you ask us to.

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