One of most practical plastic cards which can easily be put on a key ring thanks to their size and punch hole. Smaller size translates to more comfort for customers. Everybody carries their keys around so your customers will also have the key card on them along with the message printed on it. The club card is suitable for giving customer discounts just like the regular-size plastic card. All such functions are available for key cards that are for traditional plastic ones. You can have a QR code, RFID or a magnetic strip added. The only difference is that the key card takes up much less space, making it easier to carry everywhere. Key cards have mainly become widespread in sports facilities where they are used for entry too. Taking up little space, they can be carried on a lanyard so the users might even wear one during training.

Plastic Key cards

The product boasts the following great features
  • Professional (CMYK) printing. Available both with 1- and 2-sided printing.
  • Glossy or matte finish. Glossy lamination can help lighten the graphics. Matte finish ensures a finer appearance.
  • The prices include the different surfaces. Bar codes, serial numbers, QR codes, name tags, and picture-based personalization are not an issue for us. We provide them free of charge.
  • Pontos mérete CR80 bankkártya harmada 28,5 x 54,1 mm méret, lyukasztva
How many pieces would you like to order?
You can find the net prices of our current portfolio in the list below. Should request a quantity or design different from what is given, ask for an individual quotation from the customer service.
760 Micron Credit Card Thickness
360 Micron Thickness
Further available options
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Our own logistics system guarantees that your custom-made, state-of-the-art and intelligent plastic cards will be delivered at the agreed time and place with either 24-hour or 3 to 5-day production.

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