Using an identification card nowadays
2023. 01. 13.
An identification plastic card is like an ID, name card, access card.

It is used on a daily basis, most of the time it is worn hanging around the neck. Therefore, it is important that it is durable, long lasting. It contains the cardholder's photo and data. It is used for admission at various companies or events. It is not only suitable for identifying the owner, employees, customers and other rightholders, but also introduces the company itself.

A logo, a slogan, a flashy graphic – they all benefit from branding. In addition to the security function, the identification card also serves as an image element. Before printing the plastic card, we can even make the plans ourselves. Show your brand, logo, motto,  on the card surface! As part of card production, we make a three-dimensional model, which will be sent to you by e-mail for free. We also give you the option to pick up your card before printing. The test copy will be delivered to your home.

The plastic card is a bank card quality, PVC, 0.76 mm thick, two-sided printed card. Glossy lamination illuminates the graphics, and the matte finish gives it an elegant look. You can also ask for many extra options: barcode, serial number, gold-silver foil, hologram, QR code, naming, signature panel, with a scratchable layer, but image personalization is not a problem either. You can freely choose from several card types: white, black, gold, silver, transparent colors.