Gift card options for companies
2021. 09. 18.
Gift cards are one of the most popular online printing products, with which they can turn a wide range of customers into active users and customers. This is one of the most effective tools for companies with advanced marketing philosophy.

A plastic gift card may be a better choice than a paper gift voucher. Easy and fast to use, does not wrinkle, is waterproof and also has a reputation value. 

Cards with demanding, appropriate design and messages can make the moment of giving gifts even more special. The gift card can be topped up with a desired amount and given to the recipient. It can be used for any occasion. They can choose from different types of products according to the interests of the customer or celebrant, be it clothes, books, technical items, perfumery, etc., which can strengthen the mood of customers.

The gift card is printed in double-sided print with a choice of glossy or matte finish. Glossy lamination helps illuminate graphics, and matte gives it a more subtle look. If possible, you can choose from the following colors in most cases: white, black, gold, silver, or transparent. They can also be equipped with additional extras: barcode, serial number, QR code, naming, image personalization.