About us – What is the Plastic Factory?

We established our company almost 10 years ago and we set out to use previous experience and expertise in production to fully cater to such customers who would place orders for custom- and tailor-made plastic cards in quantities above 100 pieces, and for whom quality, durability and, last but not least, the fact that the goods were manufactured by a Hungarian company are of importance.


The Plastic Factory is a 100% Hungarian-owned company group, getting more and more famous all over Europe and employing almost 50 people. Production and shipping are done with a 1 to 5-day deadline on average and if we cannot meet the shipping deadline (either due to transportation or production issues), we pay 10% back daily to the customer based on the overall production costs.


We want the Plastic Factory to be known as a growing Hungarian business which dared to dream big in the field of plastic card production, and which has managed to make that dream come true.


It fills us with joy that, month by month, more and more companies are entrusting us with the task of plastic card production and we can fulfil all our orders. At the same time, the number of satisfied and repeat customers is constantly on the rise.


We are sure you will soon belong to either of these groups!


Contact us via any of the channels provided! Ask for a sample or fill out the request form if you already have something specific in mind!